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For Supra Key or Lockbox support during business hours,
contact Monmouth Ocean Regional REALTORS® at 732-918-1340 x 48

If you need assistance with your Supra Key or Lockbox after MORR’s business hours or during the weekend.
Supra is available 7 days a week from 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM



Xpress Key & E-Key Access Information for Primary Members of Monmouth Ocean Regional Realtors®


Monmouth County access covers – Monmouth and Ocean Counties

Before a Member Can Obtain a Supra Key, He/She Must Complete the Following Steps:

  • Attend/complete the new member orientation
  • Possess an active real estate license
  • Have residential MLS access
  • Be acquainted with MLS Rules regarding the common key lockbox service
  • If you plan to use the Supra eKey app on your phone, check to see if your phone is  compatible for e-Key by clicking here
  • PLEASE NOTE: Agents are NOT allowed to share keys or borrow another member’s key. 

Once a member has completed the above steps, he or she can come to anyone of MORR's three locations to pick up a key. Key appointments take approximately 15-20 minutes. We cannot take cash payments on behalf of Supra.

Please Note: If you have an iPhone and wish to obtain an eKey, be prepared to have your Apple ID and password available for your key appointment. We cannot assist in obtaining your Apple ID and password.

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iBox BTLE Information for Primary Members of Monmouth Ocean Regional Realtors®

Lockbox Pick Up

You can come to any of MORR’s three locations to pick up a lockbox.  Appointments take approximately 10-15 minutes. The cost for new Supra Lockboxes is $110 per box. We accept cash, check or credit card payment for Supra Lockboxes.

Issues with Lockboxes

If you have a lockbox that has malfunctioned on a house, you may bring it into the MORR office for a replacement.

If a lockbox has malfunctioned on a house, you may use any means necessary to remove it, including cutting the shackle with bolt cutters. We do not mind if you have to bring us the lockbox in pieces. As long as the lockbox number on the side of the device is legible, we are happy to exchange it for you.

PLEASE NOTE: Because we have no means of opening a box to retrieve key(s), we strongly recommend that you have a spare key(s) of the listing on hand, as we must return all faulty lockboxes to Supra.

Lockbox help

Click here to view a quick guide on how to use your Lockbox

Click here  to view instructions on how to view showing activity for your Lockbox

For how to guides and lockbox help, click here


SUPRA Resources 

Supra WEB Guide for Broker/Owners

Supra Mobile SupraWEB Guide


Contact Information

Central Jersey MLS (Middlesex County):


Garden State MLS:


Liberty Board (covers Hudson County):